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Whilst it is true that moving heavy outsize cargo or huge consignments around the world has become very complex it is equally true and important to note that Volcano Freight Services makes it much easier since we also specialise in air freight charters worldwide. We are connected to freighter suppliers in the region and overseas and can connect you with the cargo-world. For every charter that we handle our professional team works very closely with the charterer providing every detail of the flight. In addition to providing technical assistance, we also ensure that all arrangements regarding overflying and landing rights, ground handling and cargo loading/unloading are taken care of. We provide pallet build-up and break-down services where necessary and even assign our own Load-Master to each charter to ensure maximum utilisation of the available space on the aircraft. Matching the aircraft type to the load is extremely important such that our customers can save money as we are able to source every cargo aircraft type in the world; e.g. Boeing B707F, 747F, 757F, Airbus A320F, DC8F, IL76, AN12; etc. We ensure correct loading/unloading of the aircraft, compliance with all safety measures and co-ordinating documentation between the airlines and ground handling agents. Whatever your cargo requirements, whatever cargo, we have got the resources to cater for every need.


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